Teen Chef Jake Tanner Publishes Cookbook

Well, here’s some food for thought!

As a young teen, Jake Tanner already has his own published cookbook. The “Stick It in Your Pie Hole” author thrives off of spending time in the kitchen.

“I’m not the video game type to sit down in front of a TV,” Tanner tells Live Life and Win. “I love trying new things. I’m all about adventure … A chef is someone who can take any ingredient you throw at him, and know what to do with it without referring to the internet or other cookbooks. It’s someone [who] has mastered the cooking techniques.”

Tanner, who calls shrimp ceviche his signature dish, explains that “Cooking is very hard. It’s very easy to burn or undercook or make something taste undesirable … You learn from your mistakes.”

The cooking connoisseur was drawn to his craft at the early age of five, and wants to own his own line of cooking products and open up his own private high school down the road.

To learn more, visit Tanner’s website HERE.