Jake Olson
Jake Olson

As a baby, Jake Olson lost his left eye to cancer. At age 12, after years of treatments, he lost his right eye, going completely blind. “The last thing I remember seeing is my parents, and they were crying,” he tells Live Life and Win!

But the day after his final surgery, he says, “I felt this burden coming off my shoulders.”

He found ways to continue with sports like surfing and football. He also became a motivational speaker and wrote books about his experiences. “If I never went blind I would have never inspired as many people as I have, and I think that’s the coolest thing,” he says.

Through his foundation, Out of Sight Faith, he raises money to provide technology and software to help vision-impaired kids in school.

And he plays golf – very well.

“I think I’m a better golfer now than when I could see,” he says. “Before my surgery I focused on what my eyes saw. Now I’m just feeling more of my swing, which actually benefits you.”

His dream is to become the first blind golfer on the PGA Tour. “I made a promise to myself that no matter what challenges I came  face-to-face to in life that I’m going to persevere through them.”