'Supergirl' Actress Chyler Leigh and More Launch Thirst Project's G20 World Water Day Campaign

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“Supergirl” actress Chyler Leigh lends star power to Thirst Project’s G20 campaign to end the global water crisis

Chyler Leigh Launches Thirst Project’s G20 Campaign

When the Thirst Project launched nearly eight years ago, 1.1 billion people didn’t have access to clean drinking water, according to the global water crisis organization. Today that number is 663 million.

While much has been accomplished, there’s more to be done.

“It’s staggering, the statistics, but also it’s encouraging,” explained “Supergirl” actress Chyler Leigh at the Thirst Project’s World Water Day event at The Beverly Hilton on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Leigh, along with stars like Bella Thorne, Audrina Patridge and some of the most influential online personalities, have joined together to leverage their star power in a new “G20”-like campaign through the Thirst Project to help bring safe, clean drinking water to impoverished people around the world.

Thirst Project’s G20 Ensemble Includes Chyler Leigh and More Influencers

chyler leigh super girl thirst project g20 water supergirl photo
Actors and digital influencers launch Thirst Project’s G20 initiative to end the global water crisis

“The thing is that we can make a tangible difference,” Leigh said. “We have a lot of things we’re dealing with on our own, but when you look bigger and open those doors, you realize how much crisis there is the world, especially the water crisis.”

Leigh, who plays Alex Danvers on the superhero CBS series, added that she’s been a longtime supporter of Seth Maxwell’s Thirst Project and has made her involvement a family affair with her husband, actor Nathan West, and their children.

“Everybody wants to be a part of something,” she added. “The thing about the Thirst Project is it can be about the little things… just spreading awareness, going online, social media and making this crisis known.”

For young people looking to make meaningful change in the world, she said, “this is, in my opinion, the way to go. When you are looking for a way to go beyond yourself and contribute in a way that is impactful and achievable.”

Thirst Project Founder Says

seth maxwell thirst project founder ceo photo g20
Seth Maxwell, founder and CEO of Thirst Project

Founder and CEO of the Thirst Project Seth Maxwell echoed her comments, adding, “young people are the most powerful influencers in the world.”

The access to clean water is so limited around the world that people without any alternatives are consuming contaminated water out of rivers, swamps, mud puddles, he explained. “And drinking this water will cause people to get easily preventable waterborne diases. Diarrhea or dysentery actually kill more kids under five than AIDS and malaria combined.”

The Thirst Project funds its initiatives in more than 13 countries, with a particular emphasis on solving the water crisis in Swaziland, Africa.

Through their own G20 campaign—modeled after the global G20 (a group that comprises leaders from the largest economies in the world)—Maxwell’s ensemble of celebrities will form “a collective to leverage their power for good and activate an army of people to enact a large impact on the global water process,” he said.

The group includes Chyler Leigh, Bella Thorne, Audrina Partridge, Pauley Perrette, and e-Celebrities like Jake Paul, Alisa Violet, Andrea Russett, Bella Thorne, Mikey Murphy, Neels Visser, Remy Cruz, Olga Kay and more.

The ambitious plan is to raise $1.2 million to fund new fresh water wells and water systems in communities around the world. “This will allow us to give 50,000 people in Swaziland safe, clean water for the rest of their lives,” said Maxwell. “This will crush the water crisis in the world.”

To learn more about the Thirst Project, click here.