Bullied 10-Year-Old Ify Ufele Makes Debut at New York Fashion Week With Curvy Style

ifyUIfy Ufele

Revenge is a dish best served on the runway.

It’s a lesson that budding fashion designer Egypt “Ify” Ufele knows well. The 10-year-old is the only child designer at New York Fashion Week sending down clothes down the catwalk for girls with curves.

She says she was inspired to channel her energy to the sewing machine after being bullied in school.

“I turned negative attention into positive attention,” she tells the Today show.

The fifth grade student says her peers called her “all types of names.” And they didn’t limit their abuse to just words. “One time I got stabbed with a pencil,” she recalls.

Her pain manifested into her fashion range called ChubiiLine, which she describes as “bringing Africa to America one design at a time.”

The designs include traditional African colors, patterns and silhouettes. And fashion industry professionals are praising her work.

“When I see her line, I see a future in the fashion industry,” said Preston Walker, owner and founder of Small Boutique Fashion.