Eco-Activist Megan Kilroy Educates on Plastic Bag Contamination

It’s the small things that count for Megan Kilroy. The eco-activist is on a mission to raise awareness about several issues concerning the environment on how it’s everyone’s responsibilities to help care for the planet. “You can use a reusable water bottle, use reusable bags—recycle at the very least.

Being environmentally conscience is so easy. It’s just changing a couple of your daily practices and altering your daily routines,” she tells Live Life and Win.

She says one of the biggest environment threats that can easily be stopped is the amount of plastic bags that are polluting our oceans.

“It hurts sea life and completely contaminates beautiful landscapes, Kilroy explains. She grew up on the beach and saw how quickly plastic blags and other discarded plastic invaded the once pristine space. “Sea turtles often mistake them for plastic bags and eat them. They get so full that they often die.”

Once of her biggest accomplishments during high school was lobbying her local legislature to ban plastic bags in her hometown. She’s now enrolled at an environmentally friendly college where she and other students grow their own vegetables.