Chris Suggs Named Global Teen Leader for Community Service Initiatives

Chris Suggs
Chris Suggs

Chris Suggs’ hometown Kinston, North Carolina had 61 reported shootings in 2014. Often, the shooters and victims were young people.

The violence rocking his community led him to launch Kinston Teens, a community service and leadership development organization for youths. Nearly one year later, the 15-year-old is president and executive director of the nonprofit is being recognized as a Global Teen Leader by the Three Dot Dash initiative for his efforts.

“This is a global spotlight on the work we are doing here in Kinston,” he tells The Free Press. “I’m looking forward to the next year with Kinston Teens, I know this will be a great thing for us.”

Suggs is one of 30 teens from around the world who have been tapped by the Three Dot Dash organization for a year-long mentorship program designed to help emerging teen leaders “tell their stories” through media and social networking.

“It makes you feel good when someone sees you and appreciates the work you do like this,” he says.