Shreyas Parab, 15, Is the CEO of Novel Tie Company

In between studying for high school exams, a 15-year-old Delaware student moonlights as the CEO of his own company from his headquarters, or as his mom likes to refer to it: the dinning room.

Still just a sophomore, Shreyas Parab is at the helm of Novel Tie—a budding business that has courted the attention of Walmart, reports Fox 29 News.

He says he got the idea to get into the business because he school requires its students to wear ties, but he found the variety and styles underwhelming for teens.

“There was nothing out there… that was me,” he tells Fox 29. “So I created ties for kids, just like me.”

Some of the designs sold by novel tie have striking colors and include novelty statements like “chick magnate” and “stud muffin.”

But this isn’t a one-man (teen) show. To market and launch the product, he contracted an overseas manufacturer.

“I get a chance to run a business, with employees, with sales with actual money,” he adds. “It started out as an idea but it’s a company now.”

In business, it appears that Parab has graduated to the big leagues. His next step: graduating from high school.