7 Ways to Become an Animal Activist


eleJuliette West, a teen who’s trying to protect elephants from captivity and poachers, says anybody can become an animal activist. Here are 7 ways:

1. Get Educated on the Issues

Read articles and books, watch documentaries and talk to other activists to learn about the issues surrounding elephants and what people are doing to save them.

2. Hit Offenders Where It Huts: Profits

Boycott zoos, circuses, wildlife parks and films using elephants for entertainment – and encourage your friends and family to do the same — and instead visit sanctuaries where elephants are treated humanely and roam free in natural surroundings.

3. Be Like a Private Investigator

If you happen to go to a zoo or circus, pay attention to how the animals are kept and treated, take pictures and shoot video and create a blog or mini-documentary.

4. Use Social Media

Discuss the issues and raise awareness about animals with your friends and other activists on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

5. Create or Sign a Petition

Help enact laws that protect elephants by creating a petition and getting signatures to be submitted to state legislatures or Congress.

6. Organize a Fundraiser

Raise awareness by organizing a fundraising event such as a 5K race and use the money for school activities or charities.

7. Invite Juliette to Your School

You can reach her through her website JulietteSpeaks.org.